A few helpful things to know about your wedding day photography



  • How does the sunset time affect my wedding?

    The best time of the day to shoot in most scenarios is as close to sunset as possible. It is worth considering now what time you will be entering your reception and joining guests, especially if capturing those golden hour photos is really important to you.

    We recommend allowing 1-2 hours of shooting time for your wedding party photos, after your ceremony. You will also need to allow 15-30 minutes for family photos, etc, after the ceremony. If you want to see what this looks like prior to doing your final timeline, feel free to email us for draft timings leading up to your wedding day.

  • How do you make sure we get candid photos on the day?

    We all know everyone wants to look candid and natural on their wedding day. This is something we like to think we specialise in. Although candid photos may look like you’re putting no effort in to posing sometimes a fair amount of direction is still needed from your photographer or videographer.

    There will be times during the wedding that we give no direction and we cruise around literally stalking you and your guests but during your wedding party photos and some of your getting ready photos we will give loads of direction and tell you what to do.

    Our ultimate goal is to get you where the light and composition is good then get you relaxed and interacting to look natural. For some people relaxing is harder than others and that’s totally fine, we have our tricks to try and make it less awkward than you think it may be.

    Shooting with direction when most of the focus is on you can be a draining process so feel free to ask for breaks or let us know if you are ready to go back to the party and wrap things up.

  • What can we do if we are awkward people in front of the camera? Help!

    We get told this allllll of the time. If you are feeling nervous about this aspect of the wedding let us know so we can make sure we allow more time for warming up. However, try not to feel too much pressure. We shoot people who have no experience in front of cameras every week and have been doing so for a long time. It will feel awkward for the first part of the day but we can pretty much guarantee once you get going at the ceremony you will just about forget that we exist. Also if you are a drinker, 1-2 drinks to take the edge off does help!

  • I have an uncle or family member who is a ‘budding’ photographer and wants to bring a camera, is this OK?

    While our contract states that we have the right to ask anyone else not to shoot photos and we are the sole photographer on the day, this is totally OK with us. This statement in our contract is to ensure us the right to direct and cover your wedding in the case that someone else tried to take over or there was more than one professional photographer there for some reason. We have no problem with uncle Bob whipping out his DSLR to get a few shots and we can usually move around pretty seamlessly with people jostling for space. Plus we can be bossy if we need to be.

  • My family is crazy help!

    That’s cool, we crazy too. Feel free to fill us in on any budding drama so we don’t accidently put our foot in our mouth or put two people who hate each other in one photo, otherwise don’t worry we really have seen it all.

  • What happens if our photographer is sick or injured last minute and can’t make our wedding?

    In 10 years we haven’t had to execute this clause yet but if it were to happen our contract states that we will provide you with a new photographer/videographer or a refund. We have a community of photographers that we are friends with that we can call on for emergencies like this. We take our business really really to heart and would do everything within our power to find someone equally as suitable to turn up.

  • We already paid our deposit but now we want to move our wedding date.

    That’s cool, let us know as soon as you can and we will work with you to find a new date that we are available.

  • How long do my photos and/or videos take to be edited and delivered?

    In our contract we state that our photos take up to 6-8 weeks to be edited and delivered however, this is usually shorter. Videos take up to 6-8 weeks for a first draft of the highlight reel. We do need your song to start this process so make sure you have a song choice ready to go straight after the wedding.

  • When is final payment due?

    After your deposit has been paid the final payment is not due until just before your wedding, usually about a month out. We will do a final questionnaire either in person or via email before the day where we will finalise your timings and package. After we have locked this in I will send you a final invoice. If you wish to make payments earlier that’s totally fine just let us know so we can keep track of your payments so as to not overcharge you.

  • How many photos do you take on the day and how many photos do we receive?

    We usually take about 3000-4000 photos per wedding for a 10 hour package. We then sift through these and bring that number down to about 800 which are edited and delivered. We make a selection of black and white images but we do not make all the photos black and white as we like to select which images work well in black and white. The final numbers you can expect on your USB is 500-700 for shorter packages and 800-1000 for 10 hour packages. These numbers are including a selection of black and white.

  • Do you back up your images?

    We use a server system which is a giant hard drive that backs up to the cloud every night. We then keep those files for approximately 5 years. File handling is an area that can separate the amateur from the professional. Hard drives and CF cards (what we shoot to) do occasionally die/corrupt files. We shoot using double cards so that there is 2 copies until we download them onto our server. While there is never 100% guarantee that your files will not corrupt or be lost we do everything we can to make them safe and have safety nets for when things do go wrong. 

    We download our files from our CF cards straight after the wedding so that there is minimal time that they are on the CF cards only. We also keep the second card back up until he job is delivered so if something were to go wrong on our hard copy and our server there is an original copy. File corruption or loss is something that happens very rarely and cannot be predicted by equipment age or condition.

  • Can we get a sneak peek?

    We always send our clients a sneak peak in the first week so you have something to post to social media etc straight away. We will do our best to accommodate requests for immediate sneak peaks but sometimes this is not always possible if we have other commitments the day after your wedding.

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